Bible Verse of the Day 1/20/17 “Focus”


…In his name the nations will put their hope.

Matthew 12:21


In this scripture Jesus is quoting Isaiah when it is foretold of His (Jesus’) coming. In this part of the passage Jesus reminds the people that He is the one that nations can put their hope in.

Today there is a change of leadership in our country and no matter if you are excited, scared, angry, etc… about the change, the focus and hope should be in Jesus not the political turmoil/excitement of the day.

Just like you I have opinions on the change today, but at the end of the day whether I think it is good or bad will not impact anything outside of myself.

When we put our faith and hope in The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit our hearts are changed and others in our lives feel the ripples of hope in their lives.

Think of the political, social, and economic times of the people that were in the world in at the time Matthew was written and where Christians out their hope.

Today I pray that each of us will turn our attention to the One that came that we may have life and place our faith, trust , and hope in Him.

In the Father’s love