Boot Camp Airsoft Lesson “Locking Shields”

I was so excited  to use my lesson on the Shield of Faith at the Boot Camp, ‘Airsoft Extreme Adventure’ in April. We had it all set up with teams and I was the captain of one team with several younger guys and Jim Graham was the captain of the other and Sam had provided the needed airsoft shields that ere essentially Styrofoam covered in silver plastic. Shields were so much more than I thought the more I studied.

From ancient times people needed protection and this not only came from the shield itself but the person carrying it, and that was represented by the heraldry.  The lion, or the cross, or the swan or a sword. The idea being that if you see a shield coming at you with that great big lion of King Richard, essentially if your were English, “No Worries”.

Do you think it’s any wonder that Paul in Ephesians 6:16 said above all take up the shield of FAITH.

Note what the Greeks felt about their shield, and the  knight’s of old would say, “it’s better to lose the field than lose your shield”. Why was that? An ancient  Greek King Demaratos was asked why it so dishonored a soldier to lose his shield, his answer is more than insightful. He said that, for a soldier to lose his helmet or his breast plate affected only his safety but to lose his shield left the entire line vulnerable. Think about that for a moment, if I have faith I’m not just protecting myself but those about me.

So what happened on the airsoft field? I had hoped to use two of us locking shields to protect those behind and even give them our guns and launch a Phalax like attack. Things fell apart quickly when the shooting started and my other shield bearer fled, I died quickly and often. Meanwhile Jim had instructed his team to stay in groups of three again using a teamwork strategy. That too I would have to say didn’t win the day for either team though the battle raged for two and half hours.

What I did see was the warrior come out in men I would not have guessed were as fierce as they were. Some older guys and some younger. What I did witness beyond any doubt what so ever was that we are made in the Warrior Image of Jesus. Hand me a gun and give me a chance to play army again and at age 61 I felt like I was 9 again…

The next morning I was reminded of my age yet I will never ever forget the fun we had… Thanks Guys!!!!

p.s.  If the Styrofoam Shields aren’t big enough the Mobil ‘Christmas Tree Shield’ is killer as my team mate here demonstrated… LOL 🙂