Fall Boot Camp Bass Battles

Just a week ago I was preparing to do the “Core Desires of A Man’s Heart Talk” at the same time I was really experiencing them. I had just battled the Bass above and spent most of the day battling sound systems, people struggling to arrive on time, if at all.

The “Risk” of adventure was around every corner, what if no one comes, or what if I get sick and can’t talk or worse, forget the things God had showed me to share.  (could those be agreements???)

Then, there was a “beauty to rescue”, which in this case was Christ’s church so many broken hearts, 47 of them to be exact including mine.

Those who were there know how God did abundantly more than I ever dreamed possible here are just a few of my highlights…

  • About 70 heart felt prayer requests came to us way more than ever before..
  • Wayne Dozier’s Bonfire Thursday night was testimony time for the ages.
  • Gaither’s Gun experience he fought off more struggles than I could have imagined to have many a first time shooter’s face light up with ADVENTURE
  • Brian’s “Sonship” talk impacted everyone’s heart but especially my dad’s who made some decisions to bring remarkable healing to my family.
  • I saw about 20 guys get their “New Name” and the identity that comes with that from the Father.
  • During Sam’s Covenant of Silence on the Poser I discovered several agreements I was living under, then especially the Vow, “No one tells me what to do!”
  • The Teen Challenge’s singer, Mark led worship Sunday morning…AWESOME!!!
  • The Food Awesome!!!
  • One favorite memory will always be God waking me up at 4 Sunday morning with the picture of “GRACE/FAVOR” as the theme in the whole book of Genesis for the “Stages of the Masculine Journey Talk, beloved Son stage”…from Adam..Abel..Enoch…. Issac…Jacob and Son of my right Hand not son of my misery, Benjamin…WOW and double WOW….
  • Yes this Boot Camp …it was a Battle an Adventure and a Beauty to Rescue!!!